In winter the tip of the Medoc was completely flooded by heavy rain.
A wonderful opportunity for new photographs.
Like everywhere else in the world, it rained a lot on the tip of the Medoc Peninsula in the winter of 2023/2024.
There were no storms or catastrophes, but the landscape was completely flooded and the wintry nature suddenly had its charm.
Since nature had no colors, I took a series of high-contrast black and white photos.

The Médoc is a triangular-shaped peninsula in the Gironde department in southwest France, which lies between the Atlantic coast (Côte d'Argent) on the Biscay, the Gironde estuary and the Arcachon sea basin.
The tip of the Medoc is the triangular part of the country between the Gironde, the Gironde estuary and the ocean.
The sparsely populated Medoc Peak is characterized by a balanced microclimate.
The unique nature between the Gironde estuary and the long sandy beaches of the Ocean is a true paradise for many bird species that are no longer found anywhere else.
But many horses can also be found here. It is not for nothing that part of it is called the “Camargue” of the Medoc

The Crues du Medoc Collection with photo Artworks by the photo artist Jorg Becker.