Painting with the light and the colors of nature, almost all effects are created when taking photos.

I value the independent development of my work, as in the times of analog film and traditional darkroom technology.

The photo artist Jorg Becker practices art photography on various topics. Painting with the light and colors of nature creates almost all the effects when taking photos.
He values the independent development of his work without automation and software manipulation, just as in the days of analogue film and traditional darkroom technology.
His photos are taken with fast lenses in RAW format without in-camera processing and developed with a RAW converter. The effects are almost all created during the shoot.
Jorg Becker has developed a unique style in his photographic work, focussing on women, the nude, the silhouette and abstraction. His photographs are sensual and poetic, capturing the beauty and essence of his female subjects.
He plays with light and shadow to create striking effects and emphasise the shapes and contours of his models. His work is both delicate and bold, creating a mysterious and mesmerising atmosphere.
But abstract nature photography is also part of Jorg Becker's repertoire. His nature shots with very fast camera movements using the zoom result in abstract art photos with wonderful colours, without the images having to be manipulated afterwards.
Originally from Saarland, Germany, he lives on the tip of the Medoc Peninsula on the French Atlantic coast.
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